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During this hands-on workshop, you'll receive an introduction to chocolate-making and will be taught how to temper using the highest-quality Belgian chocolate. Refreshments are included along with chocolate tasting... The hardest decision is what one you will choose!

Truffle Making

You will make an indulgent chocolate ganache, then pipe hand-roll truffles, and dip in decadent liquid chocolate before finally decorating with a special finish of your choice. 

You will get to take home and impress your family and friends with all your chocolate creations- all packed up and presented beautifully.

Lasts approximately 2 hours.

Price £39.00 pp

Box Of Chocolates

Ever wondered how chocolatiers create special finishing touches with a box of chocolates... Learn the tricks of the trade and design your very own box of chocolates using professional moulds and flavoured fillings. Take home in a luxury gift box tied with a satin ribbon.

Lasts approximately 2.5 hours

Price £45.00 pp


Chocolate Shoe 

Learn how to use professional mould and create your own chocolate shoe. Choose between a glam high heel or a sports boot!

Lasts approximately 2.5 hours 

Price £45.00 pp 


Vegan/Healthy Eating 

With people becoming ever more conscious of what products they are using, this course will surely win you over with home produced treats. Avocado truffles, coconut fudge and fruit and nut mendiants it means theres no need to visit the sweet aisle again! 

Last approximately 2.5 hours 

Price £45.00 pp


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